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We Are Now Accepting Applications

Allison's Infant & Toddler Centers are now accepting applications at our Community-Based program sites. Please call the location in your area for more information.

North Campus

Allison's Infant & Toddler Center

5522 S. Racine

Chicago, Il 60636

312/834-4622 phone

South Campus

Allison's Infant & Toddler Center

234-236 E.115th St

Chicago, Il 60628

708/872-8787 phone

East Campus

Allison's Infant &Toddler Center

440-442 E. 71st St

Chicago, Il 60619

773/474-3207 phone

South East Campus

University Childcare

448-454 East 61st St

Chicago, Il 60637

773/733-5861 phone

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