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Supplemental Food Resources for Low-Income Residents

Here are several opportunities to connect low-income residents to additional food supports have come to our attention.

For communities on the south and west sides of the city:

  • Home delivery of fresh produce and meat, chicken, fish and pork available with no delivery fee -- Chicago nonprofit Top Box Foods is doubling down on its commitment to serving those most vulnerable to COVID-19 by quickly adapting their delivery model to bring fresh produce and frozen meats directly to residents' doors on the South and West sides, limiting their exposure to the virus. During this pandemic, Top Box Foods is delivering directly to homes every Tuesday and Friday. Food is offered at up 40% below retail and Top Box Foods takes SNAP in addition to credit cards. There is no delivery fee. Please see the flyer attached to this email, and to learn more, go to

For the Back of the Yards neighborhood, specifically:

  • Produce Boxes available for SNAP households on the southwest side -- Plant Chicago is partnering with The Urban Canopy to distribute Link Produce Boxes to their neighbors on the southwest side. Produce boxes will be available for pick up in the Back of the Yards community on Saturdays with social distance practices in effect. This distribution is part of the Link Match program, so customers will only be charged $20 on their Link Card for a box that retails at $40. Call (773) 847-5523, email, or visit for more information.

And don’t forget:

  • To apply for SNAP, visit the IDHS application page at: or call 1-800-843-6154 Additional SNAP benefits are now temporarily extended to children who would receive a free or reduced price lunch if school was in session regardless of income or citizenship. Active SNAP households with these children will not need to take additional action, but those not currently receiving benefits will need to submit an application.

  • To find emergency food in your community, use the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s website at: or call (773) 247-3663 or 311.

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