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COVID-19 Updates


In these unprecedented times with the global spread of COVID-19, the safest place for children to be is home, but when parents and guardians are essential workers, the only alternative is emergency child care. Emergency child care providers are a critical part of the essential workforce that allow frontline workers to continue to fight against the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the availability of critical goods and services across Illinois.

Many of us are understandably unsettled by this new reality, and there is an abundance of information that is rapidly changing by the day. We partnered with the Department of Human Services and Erikson Institute's Policy and Leadership department to produce this webinar series to serve as a resource to set the baseline for the provision of emergency child care.

The conditions presented by the pandemic require adjustments to how we set up the care environment. While Illinois diligently works to obtain more Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, to expand beyond health care workers, the webinars provide suggestions for maintaining a safer environment under current conditions. Additionally, the Illinois Department of Public Health updated COVID-19 Interim Testing Guidance for Federally Qualified Health Centers to prioritize emergency child care workers should they have symptoms of COVID-19.

Each webinar is roughly 20 minutes and can be viewed on-demand, with closed captions, from your phone for easy access. The series will cover various emerging topics as information becomes available and there is a companion resource page to direct you to more detailed information on each topic.

Webinar: Health Guidance

Webinar: Child Development

Thank you again for your commitment to children, families, and communities. Your contribution is not only significant in the moment but will be for generations to come.

Please visit the webpages dedicated to COVID-19 on the Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development website: COVID-19 for Early Childhood and Emergency Child Care for Communities & Providers. These pages will be updated frequently on the changing conditions and policies in response to how Illinois is addressing the pandemic.

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