School Supplies

School Goals

Develop intellectually, physically, creativity, emotionally, and socially well rounded students.

  • Acquire a body of knowledge needed to succeed in primary school and beyond.

  • Approach their world with curiosity and a willingness to learn.

  • Work and play cooperatively, responsibly, and productivity as a member of a group.

Cultivate personal integrity and social responsibility

  • Develop a range of virtues, including responsibility, self-control, and courtesy.

  • Cultivate a sincere attitude of service toward persons both in the school community and beyond.

Appreciate their own uniqueness as contributing members of a diverse community 

  • Develop self respect for self and others.

  • Encourage students to become involved in activities that will enrich them.

Our Neighborhood Campuses 

North Campus

Allison's Infant & Toddler Center

5522 S. Racine

Chicago, Il 60636

773/436-3193 phone

773/436-3195 fax

East Campus

Allison's Infant &Toddler Center

440-442 E. 71st St

Chicago, Il 60619

773/952-4391 phone

773/891-2474 fax

South Campus

Allison's Infant & Toddler Center

234-236 E.115th St

Chicago, Il 60628

773/840-4502 phone

773/840-4504 fax

South East Campus

University Childcare

448-454 East 61st St

Chicago, Il 60637

773/733-5861 phone

773/891-2474 fax

Far South Campus

Little Feet Big Dreams Learning Academy

5701 Monee Manhattan Road

Monee Illinois 60449

708-746-5022 phone

708-746-5053 fax

AITC Home Visiting/Central Office

5113 S Harper Suite 2c

Chicago, Il, 60615

312-759-7767 phone

773-694-8820 phone email email

Augusta Campus

Baby Cakes Learning Academy 

2136-38 Lampkin Road

Augusta Georgia 30906

762-383-4889 phone

706-250-3075 fax