In order to ensure the health and safety of our children, COVID vaccinations are required for all employees.

Until further notice, all parents/guardians/visitors must wear a mask when visiting our facilities. 

Please visit the links below to find the latest news about emergency situations, school closings, weather warnings and water boil orders:

North Campus                                 Stephanie Coleman  -  16th Ward website          773-306-1981

South Campus                                Anthony Beale  -  9th Ward website                     773-785-1100

East Campus                                   Roderick Sawyer - 6th Ward website                   773-635-0006

South East Campus                        Jeanette Taylor  -   20th Ward website                 773-966-5336

AITC Head Start/Main Office          Jeanette Taylor  -   20th Ward website                 773-966-5336 

Far South Campus                          Will County Emergency Agency  

Click HERE to get emergency alerts from the City of Chicago.







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