Meet Our CEO:

Allison Perkins-Caldwell served 8 years in the Army National Guard. She graduated from Chicago State University in 1996 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  She worked for 10 years as a Professional Registered Nurse throughout the City of Chicago. She opened her first childcare center in 2004 on the South side of Chicago in the Englewood area. She named the center Allison’s Infant & Toddler Center. She expanded in 2007 and opened a second location in the Roseland community area in Chicago, Illinois. She expanded again in 2010 with a third location in the Park Manor community area also located in Chicago, Illinois. She received a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011 her concentration was Leadership and Management with a focus on Early Childhood Education. Her schools have grown over the last thirteen years; every location is NAEYC accredited and Gold rated. NAEYC accreditation is the mark of quality it signals that a childcare center has met the highest standards for early childhood education in the nation. A Gold rating is significant in the State of Illinois; it acknowledges the performance of a childcare center and it acknowledges the highest level of quality.

 Allison’s Infant & Toddler Center has several programs for underserved youth such as: Head-Start, Early Head-Start, Preschool for All, Prevention Initiatives, and CACFP. Her schools recently received the Award of Excellence for Family and Community Partnerships from the Governor Bruce Rauner’s Office. The Award of Excellence is highest award a childcare center can receive for quality in the State of Illinois. She has received countless grants and awards for her work with children and families.  She is a Professional Registered Nurse. She is an Infant Toddler Specialist level 5, she has a PEL (Professional Educator’s License-ECE), she has a level 5 Early Childhood Education credential, she has a level III Family Engagement Specialist credential, she has a Level II Director’s credential, she has a Type 73, she works for the Council of Professional Recognition (Washington, DC) as a Professional Development Specialist, she teaches a Child Development Associate’s course, and she is personally responsible for over 40 educators becoming nationally certified to work in all 50 states.

Allison works with several social service and community groups in the Chicago land and Suburban area. She has partnerships and receives funding from Easter Seals Metropolitan, Henry Booth House, and Chicago Public Schools. She sits on the CCRE Advisory Council, she is a board member of the Imani Pearls Community Development Foundation, she is the former Vice President of SECA (Southeast Childcare Association, and she is a member of CCAU (Childcare Advocates Unite). She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Chi Omega Omega Chapter where she was recently elected to the nominating committee, she is a member of Top Ladies of Distinction Midway Chapter, and she is a Life member of the NAACP.

Allison has been married for seventeen years to Gawain Caldwell and they have four children: Scott, William, Autumn, and Jackson.


Allison's Infant & Toddler Center is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, enriching, and healthy environment for children. We believe that play is the work of young children and we provide ample time for this “work” to take place.

      Children develop at their own speed and learn best when actively involved in the learning process. Each day, children will explore the classroom and try out their ideas through dramatic play, art, water play, outdoor activities, stories, block building, and talking with teachers, as well as other children.

We believe that each child has untapped potential and that it is the responsibility of parents, teachers, and the community together to provide opportunities for all children to be healthy, successful, and happy.

We provide high quality of service to children between the ages of 6 weeks-6years old from various ethnic backgrounds. We have a strong desire to share our difference, some of which stem from the way we learn and which also contribute to our communal an intellectual richness.

      We believe that a structured program which addresses the development of the child holistically, physical, intellectual, social and emotional make-up will better enhance the child for future endeavors.

      While we want our students to be independent and discerning learners, we also would like them to be team learners as well. Above all, we want our students to be able to apply their skill in the new, the unknown, and the unpredictable. In this way learning can lead to creative solutions to life’s challenges.

All A.I.T.C. locations are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  Other distinctions of our first three locations are the Governor’s Award of Excellence and the ExceleRate Illinois Gold Rating.


North Campus

Allison's Infant & Toddler Center

5522 S. Racine

Chicago, Il 60636

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East Campus

Allison's Infant &Toddler Center

440-442 E. 71st St

Chicago, Il 60619

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South Campus

Allison's Infant & Toddler Center

234-236 E.115th St

Chicago, Il 60628

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South East Campus

University Childcare

448-454 East 61st St

Chicago, Il 60637

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AITC Home Visiting/Central Office

5113 S Harper Suite 2c

Chicago, Il, 60615

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